Pathways 4 Youth

Client Objective

Pathways 4 Youth (P4Y) is a local non-profit resource center that helps homeless youth in the St. Cloud area. They make a huge difference not by providing a home for them, but by providing a safe environment to get the resources they need, like clean clothes, food, access to computers and case workers, help finding a job or finishing their education, and making a plan to get out of homelessness. What P4Y needed our help with, was raising awareness about what they do and securing big donors for their first live fundraising event.   


An estimated 100+ youth between the ages of 16 and 24 are homeless in the greater St. Cloud area each night. But they were going un-noticed and under-helped. Pathways 4 Youth is a St. Cloud non-profit organization that helps these youth find healthy ways out of homelessness. The “Now That You Know” live fundraising event was created to raise awareness of the issue, urge the public to do something “now that they knew,” and raise funds for Pathways 4 Youth so that they could reach more of these homeless youth. The live event itself was designed to show scenarios that our homeless youth might find themselves in, staging actual examples of living environments for homeless youth on a prominent street in St. Cloud. Financial donations were collected on-site and online. To represent the number of those in need, 100 actual mannequins were dressed in orange branded hoodies. Unprecedented in its kind for our area, the strong visuals and impactful marketing approach that were implemented made the October 2019 event an astounding success.

We started by creating a campaign look and messaging that made people to want to act. We found that a lack of education was the biggest piece in why people did not donate. After hearing the numbers ourselves, we knew that once people found out that more than 100 local youth are homeless right now, the phrase “Now That You Know,” would make them want to help financially. The event itself, which featured 100 mannequins dressed in branded P4Y hooded sweatshirts, was educational and successful, even gaining the attention of USA Today. Website graphics, billboards, apparel design, branded handouts, and social graphics were the mediums we used to relay the messaging, and the momentum of this campaign is still going strong.