Touching Base on Social Media: Three Timely Trends for Businesses

by | July 5, 2021

Social media has transformed from a digital way to stay connected to friends and family, to a major marketing strategy tool used to leverage your business model, engage with your audience, and produce sales & leads. What are the top social media trends you should stay on top of in 2021? We will dive into social media, the “social influence,” and the top buzz-worthy trends that will seriously impact your business.

Let’s Look Back, Shall We?

The evolution of social media is something to be appreciated. Social media gained its notoriety in the early 2000s when Myspace “A Place For Friends,” was born as the first social networking site. Not long after Myspace made its debut, other widely-used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube came into the spotlight. Staying in touch with friends and family was no longer a daunting phone call—instead we suddenly had the option to feel connected through photos, thoughts, articles, events, and all other wonderful capabilities social media provides. It wasn’t long after that businesses started to catch on to this incredible marketing tool we call the “social influence.”

What is “Social Influence”?

The social influence refers to more than just social media, but in the marketing industry we refer to it at the fundamental level as the impact organizations have on consumers—and the level of trust and appeal individuals have towards an idea or product that an organization is promoting. Tied together with traditional means of marketing, social media campaigns have the capability to build awareness, increase sales, and grow a business substantially. You may have already seen the value in social media marketing and the influence it has on consumers. Now the question is—what social media trends will impact your business?

Onto the Trends: 3 of Today’s Top Buzz-Worthy Social Features

  • One social trend you should be taking advantage of for your business is live streaming. As a business, transparency is valued by consumers. Live streaming eliminates lengthy scripted videos, instead amplying the value of real, raw connection in this “behind the scenes” approach. The level of real interaction and engagement from live streaming will leave you amazed.
  • Another important trend of 2021 is the diversification of your output. Using a mix of branded content, video marketing, new content, and self-serving promotion helps to create a balance between promotion and connection.
  • The final social trend is a model for developing and scheduling content. The “4-1-1 Rule” is a general social guideline that helps you develop a strategy for posting. For every 4 new posts, you should follow with one recycled content post and one promotional post. This strategic ratio is a great way to keep your content focused and impactful.

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