Three Reasons Why You Should Be Utilizing Google Advertising

by | August 13, 2021

While our team at WhiteBox Marketing will always advocate for a mix of print, traditional, and digital media in your marketing mix, there is no denying that your company needs a strong digital presence. Depending on your company’s goal, one strategy we often recommend is Google Advertising. According to WordStream, 3.5 billion Google searches are made each day—with the volume of Google searches growing each year by about 10%. Understanding why this high traffic platform will improve your business will help you develop an appropriate strategy—ultimately amplifying your business.

Here are three of the biggest reasons why your business should be utilizing Google to its fullest.

  1. Intent. When people do a Google search, they are looking for something specific. Whether they are in the research or buying stage, or looking for a product or service, your business should be appearing on the search to even be considered.
  2. Search Results. Think of the last time you did a Google search. Did you click to the second page, or even venture to the third page of results? Reporting has shown that 75% of users don’t make it past the first page of results on a search. If your company is falling beyond the first page, it means you’re likely not getting considered from consumers.
  3. Return on Investment (ROI). With Google, we typically see high return on investment because of the strategies Google has in place. After the campaign is optimized, you will really start to see the value and results. With each unique company and different strategies, tests, and tracking within Google—there is much to research to get the campaign just right for you. 

In marketing there are many strategies that can be used to reach your audience. So, when building your digital presence, we often recommend utilizing Google Ads because of the value it can bring. Ready to revamp your digital presence? Get in touch with #TeamWhiteBox to see how we can help.