5 Design Trends to Look for in 2020

by | January 30, 2020

Written by Abbey Stemper, one of our talented Graphic Designers!

Pops of bold colors, gradients, lots of typography, and animation were a few design trends we watched unfold in 2019. With the start of 2020, we thought it would be fun to dive in and see the predicted design trends for the new year. New technology is always being released so the world of graphic design is continually evolving.  Although designers don’t always follow what the trends say, it is still exciting to look ahead and explore what the future will hold. Below are five trends that you can expect to see in 2020.

  1. 3D Depth

More 3D graphics, we can thank the advancing technology for this one. Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and the Adobe programs are just a few ways you can create your own dimensional object. 3D compositions help display multiple angels to show complex views. When paired with other photos or 2D objects, it can give a unique look that can help draw in consumers.

 2. Flowy Abstract Illustrations

Although the use of illustrations in design and marketing isn’t a new concept, the look of the end product could be more abstract. Illustrations can help a brand get a specific message out in a way that helps eliminate text. In our own work we often use small icons in branding. While we can still expect to see icons, look and see if the imagery is a bit more abstract. While still saying the message, we can use more imagination to create eye catching, head turning looks to surely draw in consumers.

3. Muted Colors

The days of bold bright colors are over! Well, not completely, but we can expect to see colors being toned down a bit.  Here at Whitebox Marketing, we have even been experimenting using muted colors when doing more branding projects. We have found that it often times helps  give the brand a softer, clean look. Images with full color overlays can be expected to enhance a monochrome look.

    4. Isometric Illustrations

Isometric design is made through combining 3D objects on a 2D plane. Often times this technique is used on infographics or presentations to help break down a concept. While this isn’t necessarily a new concept for the world of design, we can expect to see a growth in these types of graphics.

5. Bold, Heavy Typography

Type is essential to everything we create and can help get a message across. Light and handwritten fonts have made its way into many brands in the past year. While light and airy fonts are still a great choice, more bold and heavy type will stand out to the audience easier. *Bonus trend* Image masking is expected to be popular. With heavy bold text we can see more images being clipped in the text.

The trends of the past years will surely be present here in 2020. Depending on each brand their brand voice fits a certain style better. As long as a design helps meet your target market, it’s doing its job. So trendy or not, you can be sure that our team at WhiteBox Marketing will continue to make content that helps you reach your goals.