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WhiteBox Marketing is a full-service marketing agency offering creative and strategic services for companies of all sizes and industries. Combined, our team has comprehensive experience and knowledge in marketing strategy, graphic design, copywriting, digital marketing, social media, content creation, and media placement, to name a few. As a team, our main goal is to help you achieve your goals in the most strategic, creative, and effective way possible.

Why WhiteBox

WhiteBox Marketing takes a partnership approach to serving our clients. We get to know you on a first-name basis, listen to your needs, and put our expertise to work just for you. We’re also passionate about serving the communities we live and work in. We’re here to make life easier for you, and the marketing process a whole lot more fun.

Get To Know #TeamWhiteBox

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” —MLK Jr.

Carrie Karki

President | Founder

With more than 20 years in the marketing world, Carrie’s expertise includes everything from strategic planning for her long-term client partnerships to leading her award-winning team of creatives. She is an active member the community, including multiple leadership groups with the local Chambers, and is an active member in Rotary and other non-profit groups. Carrie personally and professionally gives back to multiple charities each year, and is an advocate for unity and embracing all of our different backgrounds, both locally and globally. She is most grateful for her family and kids, good friends, great food, travel opportunities, and a place to call home.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” —Mark Twain

Loni Jacobsen

Agency Director

Someone who loves to get things done right, Loni brings an immense amount of marketing experience and enthusiasm to our team as Agency Director, where she prioritizes efficient operations and project execution. She has a strong corporate background, having served most recently as Director of Marketing at Marco. Loni is passionate about strategy, analyzing data, garnering results for the brands we serve, and seeing our clients succeed. She is also dedicated to serving our local community, and is an advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Loni recharges by spending time outdoors, and never misses an opportunity to escape to the Boundary Waters with her family.

Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.
—Milton S. Hershey

Rachael Witt

Creative Director | Lead Copywriter

A creative team player with a passion for clear communication, Rachael’s copywriting talent also comes with a side of design expertise. While she knows her way around the web and digital world, she will always enjoy the simplicity of putting pen to paper. As Creative Director, Rachael thrives on meeting clients and learning what their goals are before crafting their brand messaging and working with the team to come up with creative ideas and solutions. She is personally passionate about organizations that work to feed local families in need. Time well-spent with her kids, family, and friends is Rachael’s absolute favorite thing. Immediately followed by coffee. 

“If you have an amazing product or service that no one knows about it, it will not sell. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen!”

Tia Anderson

Marketing Strategist | Account Executive

Tia has a passion for aiding small and big businesses with marketing services to help skyrocket profits and increase brand awareness. Nothing is more satisfying in her eyes than seeing numbers exceed marketing goals. Tia’s marketing background in food and grocery makes her an excellent marketer for consumer-packaged goods and distribution centers. Through relationship-building with clients, Tia can quickly pinpoint advertising and marketing burdens and identify next steps to boost brand quality. Outside of the office, Tia loves to plan every inch of her schedule. In the Summer she loves to backpack in Northern MN with her husband, bat tennis balls on the court for fun, and lounge in the sun with a drink in her hand.

No competition, no progress.”  —Bela Karolyi

Hanna Bastin

Marketing Specialist | Business Development

A marketing partner with a laser focus on details, Hanna loves helping businesses reach the next level in all things marketing. With a background in radio media, business development and creative ideas are like second nature for her. When not at her desk, Hanna will be spending time with her growing family, perusing little libraries for the next great read, and soaking up any sunshine she can.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Alison Fischer

Graphic Designer

Alison’s award-winning graphic design skills include everything from intricate printed materials to unique branding. One of her favorite things about the design process is presenting concepts of her work to clients and explaining the meaning behind colors, typefaces, and layouts. Alison is passionate about doing good for others. As a creative through-and-through, she also has fun with photography, type design, and hand lettering.

Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too.

Abbey Stemper

Graphic Designer | Digital Marketer

Abbey loves designing digital work as well as traditional media, and finds excitement in every step of the creative process. And yes, she too is an award-winner! Her multi-talented skillset takes her from website design and branding to Google and SEO campaigns. She brings a passion for collaborating with other creatives to share and bring ideas to life. True to the creative mindset, she loves to push boundaries on both personal and professional projects. Abbey has been an active member in the Minnesota AdFed community and is currently serving as the Director of Design for the Ad2 Minnesota board.

“When nothing goes right, go left.” —Martha Cecilia

Madison Milne

Lead Social Media Strategist

With a passion for helping businesses grow their digital brand through social media marketing, Madison helps create lasting impressions by developing a strong digital presence through strategic and creative planning. Madison is proficient in content development and social media management. In addition to leading social, you can also find her coordinating our events and just plain getting things done! Madison is a strong advocate for organizations that help kids, and she regularly gives to The March of Dimes.  She loves spending time with her growing family and has a long list of outdoor activities that keep her going. 

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” —Henry Ford

Keegan Karki

Marketing Specialist

Keegan brings a passion for all things Business and Strategy Development and Social Media Strategy. He is a huge advocate for engagement on social media and helping businesses grow through connections. With ambitious energy and no shortage of ideas, you might say thinking outside the box comes naturally for this Marketing Specialist. When out of the office, you can just about bet that Keegan is either on the ice or in the gym. 

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott

Noah Schmidt

Marketing Intern

Noah is a creative soul with a passion for all things digital. He specializes in 2D design and loves creating stunning visuals, taking pictures, editing photos/videos, and learning new design techniques. His favorite part about being a designer is using his design skills and knowledge to provide businesses or individuals with astounding designs that help them achieve their marketing goals. When Noah is not behind his computer you can find him turning a wrench on his cars, playing video games, or dusting off his skates for a friendly game of pond hockey.

A photograph is the pause button of life.

Allison Blondell


Rarely in front of the camera, Allison’s artistic eye is usually behind the lens capturing the best angles and working the lighting to make our photoshoots shine. She has taken a lot of beautiful photos for our team, including the ones you see here! Allison’s favorite subjects are people, and she loves getting to know our clients and helping to tell their story visually. 

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”   
—Groucho Marx

Chad Dyer

Business Development

Chad is a natural people person, and is a huge advocate for connecting clients to the right solution. His extensive background in digital strategy brings a ton of value to his upbeat approach to business development. Chad also has a keen eye for web design and an impressive vinyl record collection that would make any music lover jealous. Though he never seems to stop networking, when out of the office Chad is most likely hitting up the latest brewery or enjoying the golf course. 

More About Our Founder

Carrie Karki, Founder and President of WhiteBox Marketing, has more than 20 years of marketing expertise under her belt. If she were to pick a forever charity, it would be anything helping children and families in less fortunate circumstances.


“I’m excited to work with anyone who values partnerships, good service, honest advice, a friendly laungh, and doing what’s right.” 

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