Cheers to 5 Years!

by | July 5, 2023

As we officially mark 5 years of WhiteBox Marketing on July 2nd of this year, it’s fun to share our Business Central write-up on how we got started, Carrie’s vision as a founder, and what’s yet to come. Take a look here and read the full story below as well. “Cheers to 5 years!”

It was July 2, 2018 when WhiteBox Marketing officially opened “the doors” to the adventure of being a new agency business name, but not new to the marketing industry. Carrie Karki, owner and founder, had previously been in the agency world for more than 13 years when the opportunity to purchase part of her former employer’s agency was presented. Never one to shy away from something with amazing potential, she accepted the challenge and rebranded to WhiteBox Marketing. Five years later, she—and the fun-hearted, hardworking company she built—hasn’t skipped a beat.

“We weren’t new to the world of marketing, but we did have a chance to present a fresh new name and meaning behind what we wanted to do, which is to help our clients tell their story in a way that truly resonates with their target audiences,” said Karki. “The WhiteBox brand has always symbolized a blank canvas for our clients—we want the spotlight and focus to be on them, as we customize our expertise to fit their needs.”

Karki started the agency with just two main contractors (one of which is now Creative Director) in a rented coworking space in St. Cloud and quickly grew—both by clients, and by full time  employees. Now with more than a dozen marketers and creatives officially on “Team WhiteBox,” the company has enjoyed and experienced considerable growth. Physically, she also grew the company’s presence with a brick-and-mortar building on West Saint Germain Street (a renovated alignment shop)—an undertaking she took on during the uncertainty of 2020.

“When we opened the physical building, it was important to me to show how connected we are  to the community our business is in, and that we call home,” said Karki. “At the end of the day, it’s all about people; I’ve been fortunate to have an amazing team and to work with equally amazing clients.”

Karki’s vision of seeing opportunities for improvement and acting on them has proven successful. She is excited to see what the future holds for her small independent agency.

“Five years in, we continue to be good people trying to do good things for others—that is who we are at our core; I look forward to what is yet to come.”