The Power of Print in a Digital World

by | March 7, 2023

Living in a digitally saturated world, it is a common misconception that print marketing is no longer relevant. While some areas of print may be on the decline, it by no means is the end of print! By layering your marketing efforts with digital and print pieces, you’ll reap the advantages of both while amplifying your message across various mediums. Below are a few strengths of print to keep in mind to help you make the most out of your marketing materials.


  1. Tangible

Print offers an experience for your senses that digital assets can’t compete with. From the weight of the paper to the finish, there are thousands of ways you can create a unique printed piece to convey the feelings you want. Additionally, a study from Temple University consumer neuroscience has shown that consumers spend more time engaging with print materials and have a much greater emotional response, and recollection of print media compared to digital.

  1. Effectiveness

In a digital world where everyone competes for your attention, it is easy to ignore the thousands of messages that fill your feed, inbox, and web browser. When presenting a consumer with a printed piece, they are forced to look at it and decide whether they want to keep or discard it, rather than completely ignoring or missing a notification, pop-up, or digital ad.

  1. Longevity

Printed materials typically have a longer shelf life than digital content. Digital ads will run if you are willing to continue paying for them, or you will need to post frequently on social media to stay relevant and keep reaching your target audience. Printed materials can extend the longevity of your campaign while being cost-effective. For example, the typical lifespan (how long content is relevant) of Instagram posts is only 48 hours, while your printed invitation is relevant up until your event takes place or when your consumer no longer has a need for it.


These are just a few of the reasons why printed materials are still very effective and relevant today. So instead of ditching print for digital, utilize them together to reap the unique abilities and benefits of both! Need help with your printed or digital marketing assets? Reach out to the WhiteBox Marketing team here to find out how we can help!