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Let’s Define Your Identity

Brand-new brands are some of our favorite things. We love rebrands and brand refreshes as well. That’s because this is who you are at its purest form! Your name. Your face. Your message. 

Our team will work with you to define how you can stand out from the competition while remaining true to your story. 

We can help with business naming, tagline development, logotype & mark design, branded colors and fonts, style guides, and brand messaging.  All this to set you up for success and consistency as you move forward with marketing your business.

 The Whit: a modern art gallery with respect for its historic building. For this minimalistic brand approach, we stick with contrasting gray and white values as to not distract from the usually colorful work found inside the gallery. The iconic crossing “W” is the main brand element and is versatile across all materials as a subtle overlay, tastefully watermarking all that is “The Whit Gallery.”

Shanti Yoga Center, passionate about wellness through the power of yoga and community, needed a brand as modern and energetic as they are. WhiteBox Marketing developed a dynamic, fluid logo that represents movements in yoga and the flowing peace experienced within.

Then, we developed a supporting brand to express their positive message with consistent graphics, typography, and imagery.

Harvest on the Hill, a locally-owned family farm, was founded on two main ideas—the importance of knowing where your food comes from and we should all be kind to the earth.

Their brand had to match their values: sustainable food production and being down to earth (literally). The WhiteBox Marketing crew accomplished just that. Our strategic team posed and executed the idea of wooden business cards, tying the idea right back to the sustainable promise made by Harvest on the Hill.

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