Do Good Together Campaign

Campaign Objective

We wanted to thoughtfully brand our backyard at WhiteBox Marketing with an original mural, featuring a clear and simple message: “Do Good Together.” As a team, we feel passionately about putting as much good out into the world as we can, and that doesn’t mean that we all have to agree on everything, but that we can all learn to accept and respect each other’s differences and recognize that together we are stronger—just the way we are.


The mural, with several illustrated profiles representing people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, was created as a way to share this positive community message. We hope this little message sparks change, inclusion, and positivity for our community and beyond. It’s not just a message from us or for us, it’s universally how we professionally and personally feel about people in general. We’re all human, we all can work through this life together and do good along the way in big ways and small. This campaign is just the beginning.

Backyard Mural